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Custom Stocks

Offering a full Stocking Service for Shotguns and Rifles

Midlands Gun Services offer custom stock making services from Sporting Over and Unders to Side Lock Shotguns. With 20 years of experience stocking we are able to fit your gun and then create a custom made stock that will fit you beautifully. With a fast turn around, you could be shooting your custom fit gun within weeks. 

You will be welcomed into our gun making facility where our time served craftsmen will discuss all of your requirements and will then provide suggestions where necessary. 

We will then fit your gun to your desired specifications. Once your fitting is complete, you will need to choose your wood from a selection of grades ranging from 1 to 5. We use the finest Turkish Walnut for all of our stocks.


You are then able to return to our facility to test your new stock. You can test the stock in our custom made test facility using a pattern plate. From here small adjustments can be made if necessary.

Once your stock has been hand made, the finishing process can then begin. English Oil finish is applied to the stocks offering a protective coating with a high lustre. 

You are then able to take your new stock away and begin to enjoy the benefits of a custom stock. 

We also provide an after sales service should the need arise.

We Also offer:

  • Restock

  • Repair and alteration

  • Chequering

  • Ovals

  • Extensions

  • Stock Pads

  • Repairs

  • Leather covered recoil pads

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